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Home remedy methods for sweat odor

Home remedy methods for sweat odor

Many reasons can cause excessive sweating. If you are complaining about the excessive sweating of your armpits in the summer months, you can choose simple and effective methods that we will explain to you shortly. Here are the home remedy methods for sweat odor…

To combat sweating, there are many products on the market. They are well marketed, but often not effective. One of the biggest problems that many people have is that there is more sweat in many parts of the body.

The face may be under the arm, under the feet, or in other parts of the body. We explain a few effective methods to help you deal with this situation naturally. Here are the home remedy methods for sweat odor…

Antibacterial gel

Antibacterial gels are suitable for you if you experience excessive sweating and odor in your armpit. In this case, if you do not have the opportunity to bathe or wash your armpits, it is an option to put some antibacterial gel under your armpits.

Tea bags

Witness acid is highly effective against excessive sweating. The firming properties of tanic acid shrink the sweat glands and provide less sweating. Soak tea bags in warm water for 15 minutes under your seat.

Tomato juice

Tomato juice contains a special acid that prevents excessive sweating. Drinking a glass of crushed tomato juice every day prevents excessive sweating.

Method of lemon

Rubbing the clean armpit with lemon for 15 minutes prevents excessive sweating.

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