What Purpose Do We Gift Flowers?

It is difficult to say that the only answer to the question of the purpose of sending flowers is to send them, but in the simplest expression we send flowers to show that we love the people. Most of the time we send flowers as a transporter of feelings (congratulations, thanks, condolences, etc.).

Sociological consideration and evaluation of this subject are also necessary, but we do not want to go down that much. It would be best to draw a general framework by applying to academics who have conducted research in this regard. Let us first create a subheading with the definition of the gift word.

What is the gift?

According to the Turkish Language Institution dictionary, gift word; “It is defined as” to give happiness, to honor, to celebrate, to celebrate, or to give something as a gift. ” In this definition, the gift and gift word are used internally and expressed as the same thing, but deepen the subject by opening the following brackets; “Gift and gift concepts are used in the same sense; while the gift points more to an economic system and exchange; the gift concept coincides with the process of emotional investment and anticipation, which is more of a symbolic value than material value, which takes place in the personal field and expresses the interaction between persons. “(1)


In fact, when we go over this definition, we can say the same thing, even if we do not match each other in meaning here; the gift is evaluated more in terms of material value, and the gift represents very symbolic values. We can say that under this distinction, you are in the category of gift because it has a more appropriate and more symbolic feather than a flower, a diamond ring or a stylish cashmere jacket. Nevertheless, it will also be necessary to look at the frequency of use between giving flowers or giving flowers as a gift. Your job can be a matter of doing something completely different. So we will not go into the evaluation of business discourse analysis. To summarize konuyu; it is possible to say that flowers are often used on the meaning of gifts and are used in this sense in terms of society’s point of view.

What Purpose Do We Gift Flowers?
Sorting in categories; a) It may be intended to congratulate the other person; new business flowers, flowers and flowers sent to the wedding. b) Perhaps one of the most basic purposes of giving flowers is to tell our loved ones that we love him. c) We send a wreath for funeral ceremonies. d) We send flowers with unbearable oppression of special occasions, or in a way that is very sincere; love day, marriage anniversary, anniversary of acquaintance, teacher’s day, mother’s day … This part does not count. Of course, all these orders tell us in many ways why we send flowers rather than what we send flowers. The materials for the purpose of sending flowers can be absolutely increased.

In summary we can say; flowers are really beautiful gifts that represent you with their elegance and elegant stance, and they are helping to tell more and more people’s pure and pure feelings compared to expensive gifts.

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