Things to Watch While Planting Flower Seeds

Flower seeds grown in all seasons of the year, especially those planted more frequently in spring, are usually planted about four months prior to flowering. Flowers are usually grown in so-called permeable soils. As a result of their not accumulating water, these plants show faster growth characteristics. If you are planning to plant flower seeds, you need to first determine the location of the seed.

It is necessary to classify the planting as either shadow or sun, half-shadow or half-sun depending on the needs of the plant you plan to plant. Because plants that prefer the shade should not be exposed to the sun rays in an extreme way, plants that like the sun should leave an atmosphere where the sun rays can be taken in the most intense form in the middle of day. Those plants that prefer half-shade should be planted at an area where they may be able to take their sun’s rays in the early hours of the day, and not at sunrise in the afternoon.

The planting process should be properly spread and pressed in plastic or wooden crates. First you must make the land flat so that the seed can settle and disappear inside. After this process, you should free the seeds into the soil. Because the seeds are in a tiny structure, they will not be able to hold onto a very deep soil. For this reason, it should be covered with a light peat after thinning. Regarding irrigation, irrigation with fısfıs should be done in order not to damage the seeds. Because the aim of the irrigation process at the seed stage is to germinate the seeds in a humid environment. It must be covered with nylon over the soil until the first germination stage.

In more advanced stages, you can fertilize in the spring and autumn, after your bitterness begins to come out of the soil. Especially in spring, you can choose nitrogen fertilizer in order to obtain a rapid growth rate. In the winter months, you can use phosphorus to prevent the flower from freezing. You can also take small quantities from the top of the soil and place fertile soil in place to prepare a suitable environment for the plant to feed enough.

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