Orchid Features and Salep

Orchidaceae (Orchids) are known as the largest and most diverse of flowering plants. The Orchid family has 900 genera. 30 thousand species are mentioned as genre. Scientists estimate that the orchid extends to 120 million years ago. The orchid, which has found its place in almost every part of the world, is displaying a magnificent feast with its magnificent appearance.

On the world; Tropical America, Tropical Asia, Tropical Africa, Oceania, Europe, and Temperate Asia and North America. The Eastern Mediterranean region in Turkey is the easiest way to allow the cultivation of this flower. Orcidas look very elegant and fragile in appearance, but they have the ability to maintain their beautiful appearance for a long time if the care is done properly and regularly in terms of durability.

Salep Production from Orchids
Did you know that orchids are used in the production of 11 orchid species growing in Turkey? Some of the tuberous orchid species are used in the production of salep by some processes. orchid species are grown and used in orchid production in Turkey are as follows; Aceras, Anacamptis, Barlia, Comperia, Dactylorhiza, Himantoglossum, Neotinea, Ophrys, Orchis, Platanthera, Serapias.

Salep production from orchids is critically criticized by plant scientists. It is foreseen that the orcs that are collected from the nature by the forest villagers are seriously damaged and may cause the extinction of neslene. Looking at all this variety, what kind of orchid we buy from our florist shops? If you say, here’s the answer:

Tropical regions are a kind of tree living and easy to breed. It has large and long-lasting marigold flowers sprinkled on long stalks. Staying in the shadows is more resistant than other types of orcs. Orchids are flowers with beautiful colors that color our living spaces. Yellow, white, fusia, pink colors are the most common colors. It has flaccid roots. The orchid expresses love, love and uniqueness. The length varies between 40 cm and 100 cm. In a light of all this information, we can say that the orcasters are a genuine grace actor, we must protect them in order not to be deprived of their beauty and to continue to decorate our living spaces and natural areas.

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