March 8, International Women’s Day

Never Celebrate World Women’s Day without Flowers!
World Blood Field Day is celebrated on March 8 every year all over the world, including Turkey. Women, mothers, spouses, daughters, aunts, halos, mothers, grandfathers, in short, all the beautiful people together. This special day has been a gift to them and has been celebrated in many different ways since 1910.

The rare representatives of the soul throne have also become a ritual that adds meaning to the meaning of this special day to offer flowers to women. The flowers that the human soul can not give up with its colorful and noble stances gain more meaning in the hands of women. When the flowers come side by side with them, they become real soil.

March 8, International Women’s Day

first time in Turkey “Working Women’s Day” with the name began to be celebrated in 1921. However, mass celebrations took place after 1975. The “Laborer Women’s Day”, which was not allowed for 4 years to celebrate with the September 12 coup d’état, continued to be celebrated with the whole world on March 8 every year from 1984 to the present day.

8 March World Worker Women’s Day
Of course, not all women in the beauty of beauty who add meaning to my life with their beings will fit into one single day. But in such a meaningful day, which is celebrated in common all over the world, you must crown the value we give them with a beautiful gift. One of the most beautiful gifts that can be given to women who are involved in all aspects of our lives with such sacrifice and sacrifice is undoubtedly flowers. Flowers are best suited to them on earth, are not they? Daisies, roses, orchids, liliums, wildflowers all have the most meaning to their side.

Every day we meet new tragedies, how big mistakes are made against our women; oppressed, despised and often brought face-to-face with the cold face of death. Can you think of a world without them? They are everything, mother, son, aunt, grandmother, they have it all, right? Bring your eyes to what you do for us and remember to present flowers to the women of our lives for World Women’s Day! Please do not just give a dry congratulations to the women who are always giving joy to life with their beings. Go to them with flowers that will make them feel special. Go to the opposite, for example, “My life, my livin, two eyes, the pulpit”, saying, “Celebrate this Day in the World and give him a bouquet of roses in your hand. You will have a great affection for your belief. Though they never expected a response from you …

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