How is the flower grown at home?

No matter where you want to grow in your home or garden, the place you want to grow your flowers is very important.

No matter where you want to grow in your home or garden, the place you want to grow your flowers is very important. Especially when it comes to the care of plants to be grown at home, factors such as sun intake, temperature and humidity must be taken into consideration.


The first thing to pay attention to is the flowers that you will grow at home, the sunlight he received. It is very difficult for flowers that are placed directly in front of the glass to have a long life. Especially on winter days, it is necessary to pay attention not to grow flowers in front of the glass. With the heat of the house, the flowers will be damaged and the life will be shortened with the heat received from outside in front of the glass.


Another important point to pay attention to is the moisture content of the basic needs of the flowers. It is more beneficial to feed the tap water from the rainwater. Therefore, they should be watered with rain water as much as possible. Extra supplementation should be done to strengthen it with a nutrient added to the water once a week or every 15 days. The spraying method should be preferred with plant sprayers because too much water will harm the plant.


The plants are also very susceptible to displacement. If you do not want the leaves and buds to be damaged or spilled, you should do a very good job of locating your plants in advance and do not relocate permanently.

Ornamental plants whose leaves are dusty cause pores to close over time. In such cases, cleaning the leaves with lime-free water and sponge will be the right choice.


If you do not want to encounter situations such as fading of your plants, slowing of growth, you should also pay attention to the stage of changing the pot. If you want to transfer your plants to a new pot, a pot that has been pre-ground for 24 hours in cream water should be preferred. If you are going to use your old pot, you need to be careful to be thoroughly washed and cleaned.

Firstly give the sun light All the beautiful fruits and vegetables are more delicious when they grow under the sun. Choose the sunniest place possible to grow your seeds. Serve and grow strong seeds in outdoor areas that will filter up to 40 percent of the sun’s light, or indoors giving clean light.

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