Culture of Flowers

Research on flowers should not only be carried out by biologists, because flowers are also a big cultural work and part of the cult. The work titled “Culture of Flowers”, prepared by social anthropologist Jack Goody, literally turns out to be a unique work that will change your view of the flower. The title of his work, which was first published in 2010, is “The Culture of Flowers”, a translation of the works by Mehmet Beşikçi. The meaning of flowers used in oral culture, its existence in the life of the flower and the values given to it are handled in detail. Goody’s conversations on the street, interviews and notes she has received in the process have had a major impact on how she works.

Works in total; What is the flower? It starts with a question and the subject is further deepened in each section. Part 1: There are no flowers in Africa? and the issue is dealt with in depth in the culture of flowers from many different angles such as Europe, Medieval, Renaissance Icons, Religious Ceremonies, China, India, France and Americanization.

Pericles, Queens, Güller, Lilies, Heaven’s Jokes
Goody writes the book’s arguments in the following words: I say the songs of the buildings, the flowers, the birds and the arbours, the April, May, June and July flowers. May the mast, the basket of brews, the drink worlds, the song of the morning meals, the grooms, the brides and their wedding cakes. I write youth, love, And I have these and I sing without a doubt. I am telling the songs of Şebnemler, the rains one by one, of Oğulotun, vegetable oil, spice and amber of Greece. I say the song of the time shifted; And I write how the roses are red, and the lilies are white. I write the inhabitants, the dawns. And I say the song of the queen of Mab and the king of the fairy king. I write Hell; I say the song of heaven (and I will always say), And finally I hope to get there. (R. Herrick, Hesperides, lines 1-14) & quot; Culture of Flowers, Jack Goody, & lt; / RTI & gt; 15 ”

Flower Writing is the Most Simple and Carrying Meaning
The author begins by entering the origin of the flower word and evaluates it meaningfully as a budding and evangelist and emphasizes that the main meaning in English is “essence”. Goody says that it has the same meaning in French, and adds the etymological roots of English in the following way: “Whether the flower of wheat is the essence of this plant. The word “flour” in English is thus derived; but on a written note, as possible, the words flower and flour in English come from the same root. For medieval French fine grain wheat flour was also called farine; It is still possible to use flour de fa r ine, which derives from the flos farina in Latin and has something similar to the “best” and “thinnest” part of something. “(The Culture of Flowers, Jack Goody, )

Goody’s work is a complete sea, especially for social anthropologists who want to research in this area, and for all academics who want to sign oral cultural studies. At the same time, criticism of his works is also in the critique of capitalism.

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